Asian Insect Industry & Research Forum

The Asian Insect Industry & Research Forum (AII&RF) is an annual event hosted by the Asian Insect as Food and Feed Association AFFIA, and is Asia’s premier event for the insect sector. Insects are the hottest topic in alternative proteins today, with a reach from petfood and livestock feed to regenerative agriculture and human food. The annual conference brings together industry experts, researchers, and other stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in insect-based food and feed production, and showcases all of the sector’s new products, services and innovations.

From networking opportunities, to exhibition showcasing insect products and services, to tasting of insects, we’re providing participants an interactive experience and opportunity to get meet other industry players, share feedback and knowledge and grow your network.

The conference will be available online (zoom) for those who cannot join in Bangkok. Please book your ticket accordingly.

This event is open to anyone who is actively involved in insect as food and feed and more!

Early birds tickets sale ends 30 May 2023.

Programme Overview

The conference is themed broadly into 5 topics, each looked at through the lens of both insects-for-food and insects-for-feed. These themes are:

  • Health & Safety
  • Insect Products New Development & Research
  • Production & Processes – Best Practices
  • ESG, Sustainability, and Investor Relations
  • Regulatory & Market Access in the Region

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