AFB International

Developer and producer of liquid and dry palatability enhancers.

Proven to optimize pet enjoyment and consumption.

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AFB International was founded in 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri, and has grown to be the leader in pet food palatability. Palatability is an essential measurement of how desirable pets find their food and is a critical component of both pet nutrition and brand loyalty. Our scientific approach and advanced technologies help our customers maximize performance in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In addition to palatant expertise, AFB is dedicated to providing best-in-class customer service. We listen to customers, understand their needs and challenges, and quickly respond to those needs. Our services including product development, manufacturing support, customer engagement teams, an in-house pilot plant, and our palatability assessment resource center (PARC) allow us to support our customers with tailor-made solutions.

By partnering with our customers, we are able to deliver superior products and services that contribute to the nutrition of companion animals worldwide.


We develop and produce a full range of liquid and dry palatability enhancers using high-quality ingredi­ents proven to optimize pet enjoyment and consumption. AFB’s global research teams study the effects of palatants on the food preferences of dogs and cats, exploring which factors are appealing. Palatants must entice all the sensory capacities of cats and dogs – aroma, taste, texture and may even need to ac­commodate or enhance the visual or auditory impact of the product.