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Global distributor of ingredients in human nutrition, animal nutrition, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. At Barentz we are active in technical ingredients and additives for food, feed and pet food industry. With our wide range of products we are your one-stop shop and can help you find the right ingredient solutions for your products. Barentz’ pet food portfolio is aligned with market trends such as clean label, sustainability, healthy, organic, hypoallergenic and vegetarian. Barentz is even organic certified.

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Ingredients experts

Our ingredients experts support our customers in making the right ingredients choices for their new and existing products. We strongly believe that by acting as an ingredients partner, rather than merely a distributor, we can provide our clients with complementary high quality products that add value to their formulations or processes: always a better solution.

Clean label

In general, a clean label refers to a short and easy-to-read ingredients list with recognisable ingredients and products. It is associated with terms like authentic, transparent, NON-GMO, identity preserved, organic, natural, unprocessed or minimally processed and can be even locally produced. In addition ‘clean label’ also refers to no artificial flavours, colours, chemicals and preservatives. We have a lot of different ingredients that can fit into your clean label strategy, but in some cases, it depends on your own definition of clean label.


The term hypoallergenic refers to ingredients that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, because they are not recognized by the animal’s antibodies as being antigens. Barentz has a lot of different ingredients that can be defined as hypoallergenic, like rice protein, potato protein and fiber, pea protein, insect protein and hydrolysed porcine protein.


The term vegetarian refers to ingredients that do not contain meat and animal tissue products. The use of vegetarian ingredients in pets’ diets is promising for sustainability reasons, in fact the world meat production and consumption has to be limited.
Barentz has a good position in and knowledge of proteins and carbohydrates. We have also a lot of other different ingredients that can be defined as vegetarian, like vegetable and single cell proteins.


The term organic refers to a product grown with techniques which ensure that no chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and antibiotics are used. Therefore, by choosing organic products, it is possible to fed our pets with ingredients produced with the best environment practices, high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources and the application of high animal welfare standards. Barentz has different ingredients that can be claimed as organic like seaweed, maltodextrin and lecithins.

Digestive Support

Maintaining a good gut health is fundamental, because it ensures a proper nutrients absorption, a complete digestion and good barrier functions against pathogenic bacteria which could attack the intestinal tract. For all these reasons, it is essential to formulate pet food diets with ingredients that, thanks to their characteristics, are able to support gut health, favouring a proper digestions and nutrient absorption and preventing the occurrence of intestinal diseases. Barentz’ product portfolio is rich of prebiotic solutions, phytogenic products, highly digestible proteins, fibers and ingredients with antibacterial properties. All these products promote a correct digestion and a proper absorption of nutrients, guaranteeing high intestinal health.

Immune boosting

As for human, also pets’ immune system is their innate line of defence from diseases and infections, that allows them to keep their body healthy and active. In order to
boost immunity, it is fundamental to feed pets with nutrients that support immune cells functions. Barentz’ product portfolio is rich of solutions that support and boost pets’ immune system and ingredients with prebiotic properties that promote a correct digestion and proper intestinal health. Some examples are yeast products, seaweed blends, yucca and hydrolysed animal proteins.

Product highlight
Seaweeds are macroalgae which can contain polysaccharides, specific proteins,antioxidants, omega-3s, and are also rich in important minerals. Those bioactivecomponents contribute to improved digestive function and better nutrient use inpets.
Insect protein
Insect meal is a great protein source for pets, because it is:• highly sustainable, because of low CO2 output• produced from a circular process from by-products, converted to a high value protein source• excellent for hypo-allergenic diets• highly digestible protein with high biological factor• a good alternative for meat or fish meal
Natural colours
Discover a palette of colourful possibilities with our natural colouring ingredients for pet food! Each colour we offer is made by Oterra from natural sources, like turmeric, paprika, sweet potato, annatto, carrots and many more. All our products are standardized and optimized for high strength, cost effective, stable and robust during manufacturing and storage.We provide products heat and light stable, suitable for dry food, wet food, baked and semi-moist treats.
Hydrocolloid functional blends
To obtain a final wet pet food product with the requested characteristics (e.g. desired gel, proper meat emulsion, natural juice/gravy) it is fundamental to use ingredients characterized by technological properties, such as hydrocolloids. The best way to maximize their efficacy and find the right solution for every application is to use specific and functional blends of different hydrocolloids.Within Barentz Animal Nutrition, our technological experts work closely with our customers to develop the best combination of hydrocolloids to provide the requested functional properties for every wet pet food product or application.
Natural Antioxidants
Preventing oxidative degradation of lipids is one of the most important factors in the pet food industry.This allows to maintain shelf life, palatability and nutritional composition of pet food. However, the use of certainsynthetic antioxidants is becoming more restricted due to potential health effects and to the increasing market demands for natural products. Through Vitablend, we can offer several natural antioxidants solutions, either containing natural mixed tocopherols, rosemary extracts or both, for a synergistic effect against oxidation.