Bioriginal Europe/Asia B.V.

Bioriginal provides nutritional ingredients that support pets’ health. We're a service-oriented supplier of specialty plant- and marine-based omega oils to the pet food and supplement industry.

It’s our ambition to supply the pet food and pet supplement market with healthy ingredients that support pets’ health. Bioriginal is your perfect partner because of our GMP+ certification, years of experience in supplying the pet food industry and having a wide assortment and different capabilities. Our R&D team is specialized in helping you innovate with unique, personalized formulations – taking market trends and legal requirements into account.

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Bioriginal Europe/Asia B.V.

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About Us

Bioriginal is a global leader in delivering complete nutritional solutions to the food, pet food, beverage, sports and nutraceutical industries.

Our vision is to enable a healthy lifestyle through better nutrition. For nearly 30 years, we have carved out a niche positioning in the market by scientifically combining nutritional ingredients from all over the world to create unique solutions. We produce and source superior quality ingredients from plant and marine sources such as omega oils, proteins, nutraceuticals and MCTs, both organic and conventional.

Bioriginal Europe/Asia B.V. is located in The Netherlands. We are headquartered in Canada.


Bioriginal complies with regulatory requirements from the Dutch NVWA and European Union Authorities. With our FSSC 22000 certificate, we are certified for food safety and quality. We’re proud to announce that since the first of January 2023, we can also secure feed safety with our GMP+ certification.

Why choose Bioriginal for pet food and pet supplement solutions?

  • We have oil blending possibilities on a unique scale (learn more)
  • We advise in the formulation of pet health concepts
  • You can work with us for your single oils on a small to mid-sized scale
  • We have a (consumer) bottle-filling line
  • We work with trusted partners in the pet ingredients industry
  • We offer both organic and conventional oils
  • We are GMP+ certified

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Pet Nutrition Brochure

Read more about our possibilities in our Pet Nutrition brochure by clicking the image below:

Pet Nutrition Brochure by Bioriginal

Product highlight
Borage Seed Oil
- Bioriginal’s Borage Seed Oil is a source of omega-6 GLA- The highest known potency for naturally occurring GLA- High quality due to the research and knowledge of Bioriginal
Flaxseed Oil
- Bioriginal's Flaxseed Oil is a source of plant-based omega-3 (ALA)- The flaxseed oil is cold-pressed, refined or unrefined- We offer both organic and conventional oil
Salmon Oil
- A (sustainable) side product from the human salmon meat industry- Due to the naturally present astaxanthin salmon oil stands out because of this orange color- Contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA