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Global producer of fish food and water treatment for aquariums and ponds as well as food for small pet mammals.

Over the past 29 years of the company's development, we have introduced our assortment of more than 100 different types of food and more than 30 different water treatment products and tests successfully to more than 50 countries from all the five continents. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are supported by human food processing standards and safety management system ISO 22000, which secure the highest quality of foods. In our production portfolio is large portion of private branded products – we are able to offer a customized solution exactly to your request.

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Country mix exclusive

I FEED NATURALLY – that’s our motto that we hold. Carefully selected ingredients like healthy herbs, meadow hay, fruits and alfalfa… All these ingredients can be found in our COUNTRY MIX feeds . Now we will introduce our “hot” novelty – the cold pressed series of COUNTRY MIX EXCLUSIVE food. And it’s really exclusive! Complete granulated feeds that we produce as one of the few manufacturers in the world using a state-of-the-art cold extrusion technology.


Dajana Worms – super premium soft food for aquariums

  • 100% natural recipe
  • High content of various worm meals and herring meal (60%)
  • Excellent digestibility and flavor of feed
  • No artificial dyes, preservatives and flavors

One of the first things people think of when they say “natural fish food” is without dispute insect. Indeed, insects are a very important source of food for fish. This is why a high proportion of insects are based on our WORMS formula feeds.

And specifically, which insects are the most attractive for fish? They are worms. After all, the fishermen have been catching fish successfully using worms for ages. For fish, the worms are not only a welcome treat, but also a valuable and complete natural source of nutrients. Why, then, not to deny worms to fish?

For your fish we want only the best, and that is why we are now introducing our hot news: WORMS PELLETS and WORMS FLAKES for your tropical and gold fish.

We use meal worm meal, which has a high protein content and a low carbohydrate content, which is far less suitable for fish. At the same time, it contains all nine essential amino acids that are essential to the health of your aquarium fish. Meal from worms is a healthy and sustainable source of high quality nutrients that have excellent digestibility at the same time. In addition to this, there are even more kinds of worms in the products: earthworm, silk worm and bloodworms. Alltogether it makes the food super-palatable and attractive for fish.

Whether you like to feed your fish with flakes or granules, you will definitely be able to choose your favorite type of feed. DAJANA WORMS are specially designed flakes and granules to be more stable in the water. This is one of the basic prerequisites for feed to help maintain a fragile aquarium ecosystem. Thanks to the ease of digestibility and high utilization of nutrients, the formation of harmful nitrogenous substances is also significantly reduced.

It is natural for fish to occasionally catch some other smaller fish in nature. And we thought about it, and so it is typical for all formula formulations of the WORMS feed that they contain a high proportion of premium quality herring meal. It is not only easy to digest, it is also a perfect flavor for fish.

Another completely natural part of the diet are algaes, which complement important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. We add suitainably cropped seaweed to our feed. It is rich in iodine, vitamins B and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an excellent antioxidant, promotes healthy bone building, promotes wound healing and hematopoiesis.

We really cared about the choice of raw materials, so there’s no artificial dye or preservative in DAJANA WORMS feeds. The whole concept of these super-premium recipes comes straight from the nature.

And because we are aware that there is no just a single type of fish, we designed recipe not only for tropical fish but also for “goldfish”. Gold fish are known to have incompletely developed digestive system, so it is essential these fish the feed that naturally helps to reduce the formation of waste materials. We created WORMS GOLDFISH PELLETS and WORMS GOLDFISH FLAKES. These contain reduced amounts of fat and thus reduce the risk of over-fattening, which is a common problem of these fish.

With unique recipe of DAJANA WORMS complete feed, you have a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the secrets of nature and to give your fishes what they really deserve.

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