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Dr. Clauder is a German family business with a long tradition and decades of expertise in producing high-quality pet food and nutritional supplement products for dogs and cats. We are a modern and global company that stands for the highest of quality “Made in Germany”. All of Dr.Clauder’s products offer important additional benefits that are appreciated both by pets and their owners.

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Dr.Clauder solutions for pets GmbH

Our story

About Dr.Clauder’s

The exclusive specialist brand Dr.Clauder’s represents expertise in the production of responsible, high-quality pet food and the company is certified according to the IFS Standard. The extensive range of products includes Dry Nutrition, Moist Nutrition, Function & Care, Functional Snacks and Beauty & Care Products for dogs and cats. Product developments are all made internally with an own Research & Development department and with own nutritional experts. Besides the German market, Dr.Clauder’s products are available across the globe in 65 countries.

Who we are

Dr.Clauder’s – Responsible pet Nutrition with more than 60 years of experience and the highest standards

May we briefly introduce ourselves?

With its origins in Hamburg in 1957, Dr.Clauder is a true veteran in the animal nutrition industry. As a modern, owner-managed family business based in Hamminkeln on the Lower Rhine, Dr.Clauder solutions for pets GmbH is now active across the globe in 65 countries and employs around 100 people. The love of animals as a guiding principle in product development is lived throughout the company – not least through ten office dogs and the fact that almost everyone at Dr.Clauder is a pet owner themselves. The motto “Responsible pet nutrition” is thus much more than a slogan for the brand. After all, our ambition are products of the highest quality.

Safety and trust through certificates and documentation

The quality and formulas of the products are continuously optimised. This is why Dr.Clauder is always certified according to the strict food standard IFS Food (a standard in the food sector recognised according to EU guidelines). High-quality products also mean that the raw materials can be traced back to their source. This documentation creates safety and trust.

Product development – our passion

The range of Dr.Clauder´s products offers the right food for a wide range of requirements. The food is processed according to the latest scientific research. This is ensured by the in-house team from the R&D department. Naturally, Dr.Clauder’s does not condone animal testing. Instead of chemical additives, Dr.Clauder use only natural ingredients with “Made in Germany” quality. The Company also offers a food hotline where the customers can find out directly from the manufacturer which of more than 400 products is the most suitable for their pet. With us, you will always find the right product for you, whether it concerns joints, skin and fur or stomach and intestine. Dr.Clauder’s products offer important additional benefits that are appreciated both by pets and their owners.

Benefit from our selective distribution network

Dr.Clauder’s is a specialist retail brand which is only sold and advised by specialist sales staff through a selective distribution network. This is not only to protect the brand and the Dr.Clauder Retailer, this also ensures that every consumer will always be treated correctly. Through webinars and live coaching seminars, Dr.Clauder ensures that the international sales team is well trained to advise customers worldwide according to Dr.Clauder’s standard.

Retailers thus not only benefit from professional marketing and POS material, various promotions, good margins and close support from the sales team. Dr.Clauder’s also offers a premium retailer concept and a training academy, which ensures that trained staff can help customers and their pets find the right product at the PoS with expert advice. Dr.Clauder takes every customer request very seriously and always tries to provide an individual solution for the greatest possible mutual success.

This means Responsible Pet Nutrition

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