Handcraft production (based on Italian food expertise) meets innovation, giving birth to unique pet products.

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FidOVet was born in 2010 from the far-sighted intuition of Alessandro Marcucci, who understood the need of several pet owners for something completely new on the market, anticipating the requests of the most exigent pet owners.

In 2022 FidOVet was acquired by UR, the leader in the digital economy sector and with experience as a franchise retailer in the distribution of pet and vet products, under the brand PetFARM, setting new goals both on the domestic and international market and increasing investments in Innovation and R&D.


Combining the excellence of artisan Italian ice cream and know-how and expertise in pet nutrition, FidOVet gave birth to its ice cream, a unique product in the international market.

Love for pets and care for their needs animated the young and innovative company whose first aim is offering to pets only products with the best raw materials, as home-cooked food, only more balanced and healthy.

Innovation, quality and handcraft production are the key values of FidOVet.


FidOVet obtained the highest quality recognition, receiving the QUALITY AWARD 2023 for two of its most important product lines: “Gelato” (ice-creams) for dogs and fresh Complete Menu for dogs. This prestigious award was attributed directly by Italian consumers to products judged to be of high quality, through rigorous performance tests conducted by independent laboratories.


Gelato FidOVet

Complete Fresh Menu


Product highlight
Gelato Fidovet
Fidovet ice cream is a fresh and tasty snack for dogs. Extremely digestible, it is very easy to serve. Available in different flavors.
Crema and Yogurt Fidovet
Creamy and delicious snacks, quick and easy to serve: just add 60 ml water and shake it. Available in different flavors, for dogs and cats.