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Our story

Who we are

HB is a medium-sized German pet food manufacturer and a Private Label Expert for ambitious snacks and baked dry food with special characteristics.

Following long-time practice and comprehensive experience in renowned companies of the petfood industry, founder Marcus Blachowski – a qualified food processing technology engineer – decided to establish his own company in 2008. Objective: the development and production, on a private label basis, of high-quality and, above all, species-appropriate pet food products custom tailored to the actual nutrition trends for cats and dogs, as well as the individual desires and high demands of our ambitious international clients. In short: HB implements successful product concepts. For you.

This is how we think and act

A lot has been said and written on the subject of quality: we think and live quality, every day. Our team, with its long-time experience, works according to a simple yet very effective principle: authenticity and quality are afforded the highest priority in the development of our formulas, and this is why we maintain consistency in the selection of our raw materials. And this is likewise applicable to all production processes.

We attain the nutritional-psychological value of the products by means of the intelligent combination of the natural raw materials and their value-determining components. As close to nature as possible, as the motto goes. Chemical additives or agents are absolutely taboo.

What we can do

Snacks for dogs and cats

In cooperation with you as well as on your behalf, we develop and conceptualise individual formulas for ambitious and sophisticated snacks – either gently baked with high-quality, predominantly fresh ingredients – or with a fresh meat base manufactured using a special process; refined with Superfood seeds, fruit, vegetables, herbs as well as other fine ingredients. We produce the snacks in various interesting and creative shapes and colours*, which allows us to take very individual wishes into consideration.

(*We only use natural colours made from fruit or vegetables.)

In doing all of this, we maintain a conscious focus on our production processes, which have been refined and specialised on the basis of the technology we use, as well as our long-time experience. The result: an impressive array of different formulas, shapes and colours. Without compromise, we only use high-quality, natural ingredients, preferably in their fresh state. This is both costly and time-consuming from the point of view of technical production, but the especially rich flavour and high nutritional quality of our products always yield their benefits.

Baked complete feed – specialties for dogs and cats

They contain a very high proportion of fresh, low fat quality meat (up to 50%; this means there is approximately 750 g of fresh meat for every 1000 g of ready-mix feed. We don’t engage in the thermal preparation of our meat, nor do we “extend” it. All of our meat is processed fresh. This way, we achieve optimum retention of the meat’s quality components.

The products are especially gently baked – not extruded – in a multi-step process, and they captivate with their especially high digestibility as well as an extraordinarily attractive and natural, country-style look. The many visible ingredients as well as the appetizing, freshly-baked aroma are what lend the product its special charm. This makes for spontaneous acceptance among animals; the feed consequently requires no post-treatment using acceptance-enhancing substances. Accordingly, our baked complete feed clearly stands out from the crowd.

Current nutritional trends such as Bio, Vegan and products based on alternative sources of protein (e.g. insects) are likewise the focus of our attention.

In other words: the most ambitious products, developed and manufactured without the constraints of industrial mass production, individually customised in accordance with your desires, as well as the actual, real requirements of the animals.

For this reason, HB stands for professional expertise and quality without compromise, to earn your unconditional trust.

We will also package the products for you upon request and deliver the complete packaging concept – attractive and ready for sale.

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