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Kormotech is a Ukrainian family-run company that produces high-quality dog and cat food.
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Kormotech LLC

Our story


#51 in the world

№ 7 in the world in terms of growth in the pet industry

Sales leaders in the domestic market

We are changing attitudes towards pets in Eastern Europe

Petfood Industry ranks Kormotech among the top 60 pet industry manufacturers in the world. We successfully export products to 39 countries including our brands

Optimeal, CLUB 4 PAWS, Gav, Meow, and our private label partners. The product range includes more than 650 items.

Production capacity in Ukraine is 16,000 tons of wet and 45,000 tons of dry feed per year, plus 20,000 tons of wet feed in Lithuania.

Company offers

Quality is the company’s cornerstone. Kormotech operates in line with international standards FSSC 22000, BRC, USDA, FDA, and has its own R&D department with dedicated nutritionists.

Holistic nutrition

Optimeal Beauty is a super-premium food developed using a holistic approach. A daily balanced diet protects pets’ well-being and helps care for how they look and feel. This new product range won a bronze distinction at the World Brand Design Society Awards.


Club 4 Paws Selection is a new premium line of the Club 4 Paws brand that stands for high-quality pet nutrition. The delicate pet food line aims to pamper pets with exquisite and paw-licking flavors.


Social initiatives


We are inspired by a love for our four-legged friends and meeting their needs, and we dream of the harmonious coexistence between people and their family pets. That’s why we have chosen this as a key direction for our company. Since 2013, we have been implementing projects that teach the humane treatment of animals. We also support shelters in different regions, promote professional veterinary medicine, and are developing infrastructure for the local community (that is built around our products).

Our initiatives


A nationwide initiative is underway to help pets affected by the Russian-Ukraine war. Pet food, medicines, and ammunition are currently being sent to both the war zones and the liberated areas. We are providing tons of our own products for the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, and also receiving humanitarian and financial aid from abroad. Join us!


Founded in early 2022, U-Hearts was launched to increase Kormotech’s multi-year effort to improve pet life conditions in Eastern Europe. Now U-Hearts is uniquely positioned to help pets in Ukraine, with efficient and transparent cost management. To support our efforts, we invite you to donate to U-Hearts Foundation.


Kormotech offices are dog-friendly, and we encourage and help Ukrainian companies to become dog-friendly too. This initiative is aimed at developing dog-friendly infrastructures in Ukraine. We want our four-legged friends to acquire the status of “companion” in Ukrainian society. 9100: A VET CARE HOTLINEThis is a cost-free veterinary support service for pet owners. The service is available by phone by dialing 9100, and online via messenger apps. Once contacted, veterinarians give some initial advice and — if necessary — help the cat and dog owner to choose a clinic (and the right specialist). It is the first initiative of its kind in Eastern Europe. «CLUB 4 PAWS»


This is an innovative educational program for schoolchildren. It is designed to introduce the concepts of harmonious coexistence and caring for the wellbeing of pets, while also warning against the consequences of irresponsible and cruel treatment. The initiative has been integrated successfully at all the schools in Lviv and in various cities throughout the country.


Why not witness the high quality of our equipment and the skills of our staff for yourself at one of Kormotech’s open days? Over the past five years, thousands of business partners have toured our facilities. It is an opportunity for everyone to observe our dry and wet food production processes — from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of boxes.

International presence

Company exports products to 33 destinations and continues its growth in the strategic markets of the USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, and Moldova.

Kormotech has presented product innovations and shared its case of resilience at key industry exhibitions and forums in Europe, the USA, and for the first time in South-East Asia. The company is seeing sales growth in the premium brands segment. Consumers started buying more premium and super-premium products for their pets.



2003 – Kormotech was founded

2004 – CLUB4PAWS®, HAV®, MIAW® brands were launched

First Ukrainian dry pet food plant was built

2007 – Quality management system was implemented (ISO 22000)

Start of cooperation in private label sector

2011 – Launching of wet pet food production

2013 – Optimeal® diet plans were launched

Quality management system was implemented (FSSC 22000)

2014 – Animal Rescue Initiative “Do not leave us in ATO* area” implementation

*Anti-terrorist operation area (ATO)

2016 – The Optimeal® Expert School was opened

The 30thplace in the TOP-50 list of pet food manufacturers in Europe

The humane education course introduction in Lviv secondary schools

2017 – The R&D department was created

2018 – Start of the new plant construction in Lithuania

2019 – We add over five new exporting countries, including the United Kingdom and Finland

2020 – We open production facilities in Lithuania. We rank in the top 70 pet food producers in the world according to Petfood Industry

2021 – 9100 a veterinary care hotline Optimeal Expert helpline in Ukraine, where pet owners get advice from veterinarians. This is the first initiative of its kind in Eastern Europe.

2022 – Recognized by Petfood Industry magazine as one of the top 51th manufacturers, and #7th in worldwide revenue growth**

**Top 101 Pet Food Companies, 2021 data. PETFOOD Industry Magazine, June 2022