A natural & unique health ingredient for stress management.

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Today, 33%* of people say that they’re experiencing extreme stress in their lives. Stress isn’t just something that we human beings live with — even pets are living with the fear and anxiety that this condition causes. Scientific studies assert that in many situations, pets mirror the stress and anxiety exhibited by their owners.

A stressful environment for owners is also a stressful environment for their pet. Stress can take a serious toll on your pets. Their overall quality of life is at stake when they are dealing with emotions and feelings that are difficult to manage.

Lactium®, a natural & unique health ingredient for stress management

Lactium is a milk protein hydrolysate which contains a bioactive decapeptide called α-casozepine, produced from a milk protein thanks to a food grade tryptic hydrolysis. It is the result of more than 10 years of research and development. Lactium decreases stress-related symptoms in companion animals. It is already available in several pet food and pet care products on the market.

Lactium®: a natural ally for pets

You are moving, your family is growing, you are going on holiday, you’re adopting a new pet, you’re having work done on your house, or maybe you’ve just found a new job. That’s life! But for our pets, it is a completely different story: I do not know my territory anymore, intruders are moving in, I no longer understand my place in the family, I’m left alone for hours on end… Stress rises for a pet, which may lead to destructive behaviors, barking, accidents in the house, skin, or gastrointestinal problems. Lactium® can help cope with stress.

Lactium®, a natural dairy bioactive to soothe pet

Lactium® acts on the brain and has no side-effects, in terms of sedation or addiction. Natural hydrolyzed milk protein, it has no toxic effect on the body, even at high doses.

Committed in sustainability and expert in innovation, Ingredia Inc works alongside its customers to support them to generate success for our customers now and into the future. To better feed and protect pet, Ingredia Inc offers natural bioactives clinically proven and sought after for their recognized positive effects on health and well-being. With its brand Lactium®, a natural dairy bioactive to soothe pet, Ingredia Inc gives petfooders the chance to develop innovative products.

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