Laroy Group nv

The international family business Laroy Group will use its comprehensive range of pet foods and accessories and share its years of knowledge and experience of this sector to become the partner of choice for retailers, professionals and wholesalers wishing to stand out in creating the best possible relationship between animal lovers and pets
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Laroy Group nv

Our story

Our mission & vision

At Laroy Group, we want to be a “home” for our collaborators, customers and suppliers: a place where their needs, wishes and desires matter. A family-owned specialist in pet supplies on a human scale.


Caring for pets is our passion. Laroy Group wants to strengthen the relationship between pets and their guardians, so they all live longer, healthier and happier lives.


Laroy Group aims to become one of the world’s leading producers and providers of quality pet products.


To this end, we research the needs of pet owners, professionals and animals and develop innovative and stylish products tailored to them.

Home for Pets


Laroy Group wants to help build strong relationships between pets and their owners, contributing to wellbeing and harmony between humans and animals, by providing much-enjoyed products and by having a fun interaction with end-users.


This provides tangible added value and generates positive word of mouth about the company, its people and its products.

House of Brands


Laroy Group is a house where exclusive proprietary brands, strong partner brands and international A-brands partner up to match market desires with distinct product experiences, made to meet or exceed a specific target group’s desires.

All this under one roof.


This yields maximum sales opportunities & repeat business for the entire value chain, from producer to end-user.

House of services


We know that happy customers equal long-term prosperity. That’s why customer service is paramount at Laroy Group. Our goal is to deliver excellent logistical, administrative and commercial services to our partners.


We value good long-term relationships with happy customers.

Home for people


We aim to create warm, family-like cooperation. Teamwork, openness, commitment and mutual respect are our key values. We hope that this will engage people and create buy-in for a shared vision.


This makes people excel in their endeavours and increases trust within the business network. It also creates a feel-good atmosphere and drives long-term value creation.

Product highlight
The new collection of 'bite me' cotton ropes is ideal for fetching and pulling games. The mix of the 2 green or 2 yellow colours makes the toy extra stylish. These cotton ropes also serve as flossers, helping to keep teeth and gums healthy.