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We are passionate about the well-being of cats and dogs. That’s why, as a family-owned company in its third generation, we put our heart and soul into creating high-quality nutritional concepts that are completely tailored to your pet’s needs. The variety of valuable ingredients, the highest quality controls as well as the careful production of our products in Germany are deeply rooted in our culture. We place responsibility, honesty and reliability at the centre of what we do. Mindfulness when dealing with each other is the secret behind any long-standing friendship. All of our activities are designed to secure and further strengthen the continued existence of our company. For today and the generations to come.

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Mera Tiernahrung GmbH

Our story


MERA combines the competence of 3 generations on all issues relating to the well-being of our family pets. Our experts stand for transparent, honest and rational nutritional concepts with substance and appeal.

Our mission

  • We enrich the unique relationship between people and family pets through our mindset, products and services.
  • We feed pets really well. For us, mindfulness is a tradition.
  • A great love of animals and a strong awareness of the sense and correctness of our own activities, enable us to develop premium quality dog and cat feed.
  • We are an attractive trading partner because our products and marketing concepts set new value-adding trends time and again. Creative product solutions do not entail indiscriminately following every trend, but paying attention to the substance, attractiveness and reason.
  • Always for the benefit of our family pets.
  • We act in partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers. Our behaviour is shaped by solidarity, reliability, honesty and respect.
  • As a family company we plan and think long-term. That is why MERA pursues sustainable success - economically, ecologically and socially. This is how we secure the jobs of our committed employees.

Our philosophy

  • For 3 generations we have been passionate about providing honest, innovative and nutritionally valuable food concepts for our family pets.
  • Our aim is to produce ecologically high-quality pet food for a species-appropriate nutrition of dogs and cats, which enables a long and healthy animal life.
  • In this respect, we consciously refrain from using exotic ingredients, for example, just because it is popular at the time. The respectful treatment of people, animals and nature is at the forefront of what we do

Independent family business

  • MERA is an independent family business in the Lower Rhine in its third generation.
  • All of our activities are designed to secure and further strengthen the long-term independence of the family company. For today and the upcoming generations.
  • That is why it is important to use our resources responsibly and sustainably when dealing with people, animals and our environment.
  • We are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • MERA produces 100% in accordance with the food standard. We are certified according to the IFS and BRC standards.
  • Production is exclusively carried out in our home location in Germany where we have one of the most modern production facilities for pet food in Europe.
  • We prefer to source our high-quality raw materials from the region.
  • MERA produces more than 60 thousand tonnes of premium products for dogs and cats each year. We rank among the top three manufacturers on the European market dog baked goods.
  • We export to more than 40 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia North and South America.
  • We are a sought-after partner for innovative product-mix strategies in the private label sector.

MERA Dog Food

MERA NATURE’S EFFECT The power of nature from healthy local superfoods MERA pure sensitive The purity of nature for sensitive dogs MERA essential Our family recipe for appropriate Nutrition

MERA Dog Biscuits & Snacks

As a reward in addition to the main feed, the complementary petfood for dogs.

MERA Cat Food

MERA finest fit For a cat life full of exciting adventures MERA Country Taste A piece of country life for the demanding family cat