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Mowi Nutrition supply pet food producers worldwide with all kind of salmon ingredients, with the main focus on our Norwegian fresh made salmon oil and salmon meal.

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The world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon.

As a part of the Mowi Group, Mowi Nutrition enjoys high standards of raw material control and routines and thereby passes fresh and high-quality ingredients on to our customers all over the world. We offer our customer all kinds of salmon ingredients with focus on our freshly produced salmon oil and salmon meal.

We have several years of experience producing and supplying ingredients to the pet food industry worldwide. We serve the most demanding and challenging customers, with high quality products.

Our production is part of the Mowi integrated value chain from roe to ready to eat fish. We even produce our own feed ensuring the Mowi quality in all part of the chain.


A vertical integrated value chain ensures our trusted quality. From roe via our fjord farms and packing stations to our salmon oil and meal facilities.

Fresh raw material

To ensure quick processing of our salmon raw material our oil and meal factories are located from the southern to the northern part of Norway. This reduces transport time and enables us to produce stable high quality salmon proteins and oil all year round.

Food grade

Mowi produces 5 million servings of salmon per day. All our raw material is food grade quality and fresh produce.


Vertical integration enables us to trace our salmon oil and meal ingredients back to the salmon river it originates from. We can even present at CV for each salmon the raw material comes from. We also produce our own fish feed, which ensures high quality and full traceability to all sources of ingredients.

Quality control

Our salmon meal and oil is your ingredient, therefore our experienced process operators monitor quality through the whole production. All raw material supplies are logged and controlled upon arrival. Temperature, pressure and speed is automatically monitored and electromagnetics ensure that foreign bodies are sorted out. Throughout the production we add antioxidants to avoid process oxidation and finally we add the customer specific antioxidant, to keep your final product stable. To guarantee high ingredient quality external laboratories carry out analysis on all batches.


Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

The ASC sets an unprescedented standard for sustainable seafood production. Mowi welcomes the initiative and is committed to working towards 100% ASC certification.

The ASC programme ensures our focus on:

  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Producing sustainable feed
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Ensuring good fish health
  • Taking good care of our employees

Global Salmon Initiative (GSI)

The GSI unites 15 global farmed salmon producers committed to greater industry cooperation and transparency. The initiative aims to make significant strides in providing sustainable farmed salmon to feed a growing population. The GSI focuses on improving industry performance across three pillars of sustainability:

  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Increasing social contribution
  • Maintaining economic growth

No waste!

We use the whole salmon – nothing goes to waste!

Plot of the sea from Mowi on Vimeo.


Salmon meal

Norwegian salmon meal is the perfect source of protein for demanding pets. Freshly produced meal from salmon raised in the cold Norwegian fjords ensures high quality products.

Salmon oil

Salmon oil is used by pet food producers world wide as an ingredient for dry pet food and supplements. Norwegian salmon products are sustainable and safe for pets. Our products are free from antibiotics and represent a good combination of palatability and essential ingredients which our pets need.

Product highlight
ASC Xalar Salmon oil
Our ASC Xalar Salmon Oil for pet food is produced at the Mowi plant exclusively from farmed Atlantic Salmon. Produced within hours after harvesting. Probably the freshest salmon oil in the world. 
Super premium Salmon meal
Our super premium salmon meal is always produced from fresh Norwegian salmon ingredients. Our meal has high protein content and great digestibility perfect as an ingredient for your super premium pet food.