Petzone LLC

One of GCC’s largest pet food and product distributors and suppliers. We also provide premium grooming services at our stores, host social events and display exotic animals and pets.

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Petzone LLC

Our story

About Us

Petzone was founded by Mr Fawaz Alenzi in 2010 and has grown tremendously over the years with a growing team and a sharpened focus.

We began our online operations in 2013 and soon after opened the first Petzone Megastore in the Al-Rai District in Kuwait. In 2015, we acquired Basic and Basic Plus Whole Sale which was our entry point in the pet supplier market and further developed our B2B network.

Petzone UAE was then fully integrated into the company in 2016 and the following year saw our biggest expansion yet with 5 new retail stores opening across Kuwait. Petzone also opened its online operations in Saudi Arabia in 2020 and is looking to do the same in Qatar in 2023.

Today, Petzone is found in over 45 locations across the GCC with 14 major retail stores in Kuwait, 3 in UAE and a new store open in Bahrain.

Awards Won 
  • Petquip Awards - Best Pet Shop and Distributor in 2021
  • Retail Asia – Direct Retailer of the Year 2022
  • RetailMe – Most Admired Store Design of the Year 2022

Our USP’s

  • Key supplier and distributor of the best international pet brands in the market
  • Premium grooming services done and supervised by a large number of certified specialists
  • Products catering to every kind of pet in over 200 different specific categories including health, cages and aquariums.
  • Our larger stores exhibit a diverse array of exotic birds, reptiles and fish with a focus on educating customers and children alike on animal awareness and welfare.
  • We also host a variety of events at our Megastore from  birthday parties, Animal Charity events and a month-long pet themed summer club for kids.

What makes us special?

Petzone was the first major pet outlet in Kuwait and made the pet industry a legitimate venture in the country.

Our stores are made to enhance the beauty of nature with quality wood paneling and aesthetics. We ensure that every visit to a Petzone store is a unique experience for our customers.

Building loyalty also requires reach and availability and that’s why we also have one of the largest pet online stores in the region with around-the-clock delivery and customer service.

Why should a potential business partner want to work with us?

Being the largest pet store franchise in the GCC with the highest number of stores, products and services provides a great opportunity for any potential partnerships.