Stefanplast S.p.a.

A Company 100% Made in Italy

Stefanplast rooted in the Vicenza area, is among the leading companies in Italy in the production of plastic items for the household, garden and pet sectors. In over 50 years of history, we have gained experience and a deep knowledge in the production of quality, functional and durable products, accompanying the evolution of every product to taste and lifestyles. Highly recognized in the Italian market, we export the "100% Made in Italy". Stefanplast quality in over 70 countries worldwide.


Durable and 100% recyclable products
The Stefanplast planning and production chain is increasingly focused on an eco-friendly role to respect the environment by using durable materials which can be totally disposed of and recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

Plastic recycling
Stefanplast obtains the new productions by precise and intelligent use of recycled materials. We recover more than 30% of the waste production materials (POST- INDUSTRIAL) and of the sorted refuse collection (POST-CONSUMPTION). Nowadays customers can see the difference between an ecological product and other ones by its uneven colouring.

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