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Sanicat is a cat litter expert who truly seeks to understand cats and their owners.   

Backed by over 60 years of experience and knowledge, we are committed to keep on improving and making a positive impact on their homes, their lives, and the planet overall.

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Tolsa S.A.

Our story


As a leading litter expert for decades, we value our heritage and technical expertise, putting both our own knowledge and that of consumers and our customers to improve our brand and products every day.

We introduced our first litter over 60 years ago and have continued to use our technical expertise ever since to develop new, better solutions that help cat owners all over the world to guarantee the respect to the cat instinct, while helping our clients to manage unpleasant odors.

We do this by extracting the best natural minerals from around the world, while protecting the sources we use. We also consider the experience and doubts of our consumers are sharing with us every day to improve our brand and our products.


In everything we do we strive to improve the shared space for cats and people who care for them, whilst respecting the environment, now and in the future.


  • 60 years of heritage
  • Top of mind brand for European consumers
  • Best preferred litter brand for Spanish consumers at World Branding Awards 2019
  • International presence with omnichannel access to its vast portfolio (over 65 products in 70 countries)
  • 0% plastic commitment in new launches
  • FSC certification of new paper/carton packaging


  • We offer a wide range of clumping, classic and plant-based products
  • We offer the best natural raw materials – both mineral & organic
  • Our products have highly effective odor control solutions
  • Our products are easily accepted by cats
  • No dust when pouring to avoid dirt and prevent allergies
  • Different granulometries: ranging from coarse (to reduce tracking) to fine (longer-lasting with higher efficiency)
  • We offer unscented and scented products-based on our clients and their cats’ preferences

The deep technical expertise and knowledge of both products and consumers’ needs help us keep an eye on the horizon; we continuously innovate our portfolio and deliver ever-growing value to those that use our products. This is what is present in our three main cat litter families:

  • CLUMPING LITTER. Sanicat Clumping is a natural mineral litter, ideal for cats and owners who like to try both convenience and outstanding long-lasting performance. Clumping effect occurs when the liquid is absorbed: in contact with cat waste, the mineral naturally forms solid clumps that lock bad odour and are easy to scoop from the tray daily.  This prolongs the life of the litter while minimizing waste and leaving cat’s toilet area fresh and clean. Sanicat offers a variety of long-lasting clumping solutions unscented or scented, depending on client’s lifestyle and their cats´ preferences.
  • CLASSIC LITTER. Sanicat Classic is the perfect solution for those owners who are used to a 100% regular maintenance of the cat litter corner along the week, seeking for both hygiene and freshness, but avoiding daily routines. Sanicat Classic products that are efficient and natural, made from clays and minerals that are highly absorbent and, therefore, lock liquids and unpleasant odours.  They are also lighter in weight, which makes transportation, use and disposal a lot easier. Absorbent litter does not require daily maintenance: it needs a whole tray content change only when mineral is dirty. Sanicat offers a variety of long-lasting concepts and scents.
  • PLANT-BASED LITTER. Sanicat Plant-Based Litter is adequate for owners and cats who are looking for environmentally friendly solutions, without compromising on hygiene. This range family is made from 100% recycled organic sub products from other industries for an all-natural odour control. In this range, we offer absorbent and clumping options, depending on the duration and maintenance preferences of our clients and their cats.


In addition to using natural raw materials that are easier to recycle and dispose, since 2019 we are shifting from plastic packaging to fully recyclable and FSC certified paper bags and boxes. In addition, we are making sure that our packaging suppliers share our commitments to sustainability.


Good for your cat, your home, and the planet.


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