Vet Planet (Vet Expert)

Pet food and care products made with love for animals and a passion for science. Our portfolio consists of three brands: VET EXPERT, RAW PALEO and MR. BANDIT.

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About us

VET PLANET has been caring for the health and comfort of all animals for over 15 years. The Company mission is to support pet parents and veterinarians in their everyday decisions regarding care and treatment so that every animal could look, feel and live the best. VET PLANET products are used by veterinary surgeons, breeders and pet parents in over 40 countries on 4 continents. High quality and efficiency of our products has been repeatedly noticed and awarded. We are no 1 brand in Poland in veterinarians recommendations in the category of pet nutraceuticals. In our laboratory based in Central Europe we work on development of rapid diagnostic tests of various types – strip tests, immunochromatography and immunofluorescence tests – for dogs, cats and life stock. It is our priority to meet most stringent production quality requirements. Our products are manufactured exclusively in plants with the highest pharmaceutical quality certificate, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and the process conforms to the same standards as those applied in the production of human medication. All production stages are strictly controlled and supervised. Product compositions are designed in cooperation with veterinary doctors and scientists. We are innovation oriented. We strive for continous excellence on our field.

VET PLANET product portfolio:

  • Supplements for companion animals in an innovative, easy to administer Twist Off capsule – joints, skin & coat, immunity, liver, urinary tract,
  • Maintenance pet food – supernatural, balanced food for pets in harmony with their primeval needs,
  • Veterinary diets – prepared by best in class experts in the field of veterinary dietetics based only on ingredients that have proven and documented dietary action,
  • Rapid diagnostic tests for dogs, cats and livestock,
  • An innovative cosmetic & care line – specialised veterinary shampoos line, ear and dental care, odour management,
  • Line of natural snacks for dogs.

VET PLANET portfolio includes three brands:

  • VET EXPERT – professional products that support animals,
  • RAW PALEO – superpremium dogs and cats food, rich in fresh meat,
  • Mr. Bandit – snacks for dogs.
Product highlight
STIMUDERM ULTRA is an innovative veterinary dermocosmetics line – shampoo and serum - for dogs with excessive hair loss of various origins. Its unique formula is based on the ACTIVE NTM™ molecule - a substance with a scientifically proven hair regrowth stimulating effect.
VET EXPERT Elimination Diets
Vet Expert Elimination is the range of diets designed to support dogs with specific nutritional needs and coexisting food intolerance. The quality of the raw material and scientifically proven formulations is the perfect combination.
Raw Paleo is well balanced pet food designed to meet the natural needs of pets.Our team's experience and nutritional expertise allowed us to create an unique dietary solution matching animal’s needs.