PETZOO Istanbul

It has been organized in Istanbul since 2012 and extended it’s editions location-wise by including Ankara -the capital of Turkey- as of the date of 2017 and recently Antalya -most developed city in Mediterranean region of Turkey- as of 2020.

In terms of offering important opportunities with gathering sector professionals and providing last consumer awareness, PETZOO Ankara is a commercial platform, where visitors can reach new products, new brands and sectoral companies in order to build new commercial connections.

As pet products are getting to be a big industry in the world, this sector has developed in Turkey rapidly too and new domestic and foreign companies are involved in the Turkey market.

PETZOO exhibitions, the largest and international pet sector exhibition in Turkey, are organized every year in Turkey and the 12th PETZOO will be held in 2022 in ANKARA, from September 15 to 18, where leading manufacturer and exporter companies exhibit, also pet shows, seminars, competitions and contests concurrently held, will be welcoming professional visitors, sectoral companies, hobbyists and last consumers.


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