China International Pet Show

With 26 years of development, China International Pet Show (CIPS) has become the largest pet and aquarium products show in Asia-Pacific region, and been regarded as a must-attend show by the professionals in its industry.

CIPS is the international industry trade show in Asia. The 20 plus conferences and activities will offer insights on the changes and trending in China, Asia and worldwide in the industry. The long-waited face-to-face meetings with 80,000 plus professionals from over 120 countries will ensure a breakout for your business.

Keep the increasing number of exhibitors, and visitors and key decision-makers have never stopped throwing high enthusiasm on CIPS and concurrent activities. Asia, especially China, is the most attractive consuming market you cannot ignore, as well as the most favored manufacturing base you should cooperate with.

With intense programs and different themed conferences, CIPS is expected to be a marvelous opportunity for all professionals in the world to trade, connect, network, and build brands.


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