ZoorfExpo is the largest trade fair for the pet trade industry in Scandinavia.

It is the premier place to experience the quality and design associated with the region. Here all the best suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers gather to present products and brands related to pets. If you sell products and services related to animals, regardless of whether you represent pet stores, pet hotels, veterinarians, groomers or something else, this is the meeting place for you.

The upcoming fair will be held 8-9 November 2025 and the location is Kistamässan, Stockholm. In addition to visiting the exhibitors’ professional stands, industry professionals come here to listen to interesting talks, expand their skills and to network. ZoorfExpo functions as a meeting place for the whole of Northern Europe, where both visitors and exhibitors have many reasons to participate.

ZoorfExpo is only open to companies active in the pet trade industry.


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