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AM Nutrition is a global supplier of natural pea products for use in pet food, food.
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About us

AM Nutrition is a global supplier of natural pea ingredients for use in pet food, human food, animal feed and technical applications.

AM Nutrition is a subsidiary of the Norwegian agro-cooperative Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder (FKRA). Our core business is fractionation of yellow peas by the use of air-classification.

AMN’s commercial operations started in 2007, in response to a growing focus on developing natural and sustainable alternative vegetable protein sources for the feed and food industry. Our production facilities are located in both Norway and Denmark.

Key benefits:

  • Natural and sustainable
  • Steady supply throughout the year
  • Large volumes
  • Cost-efficient logistics
  • Competitive prices
  • Experienced technical and nutritional support
  • Continous product development
  • Stable, high product quality

Functional and healthy

Natural pea ingredients contribute to natural, healthy and hypo-allergenic nutrition for pets and are excellent in grain-free recipes. Pea protein and pea starch are both highly digestible and palatable, easily processed, and have a significantly positive influence on kibble texture.

The pea starch can totally or partially replace cereals, potato starch and other carbohydrate sources. Pea hull fibre provides a pure and natural source of dietary fibre that promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria and regulates the digestive system. It is an excellent ingredient in low-energy diets.


Since its start-up, AMN has focused on product development where a highly qualified technical and nutritional team tests the ingredients used in food and pet food applications. In addition to internal research and development work, AMN is an industrial partner in several international research projects and programmes. Some of the test results have been presented at highly profiled pet food seminars and published in articles and peer reviewed scientific journals.

Our customers are regarded as partners. We provide support and openly share technical and nutritional information, including our own testing results.

Key values

Natural, sustainable, healthy and functional ingredients are our key values. We focus on delivering high quality ingredients that meet the global market demands and customer expectations. Since 2016, AMN has also been able to deliver extruded versions of the natural pea ingredients. AMN keeps a constant focus on research and development and aim to stay in the forefront of the ingredients industry.

Certification and products

AM Nutrition is certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000, GMP+, certified organic producer and follows HACCP regulations.

products AMN

All our natural pea ingredients contribute to a natural, healthy and hypo-allergenic nutrition for our pets. All our products are also available certified organic. More information regarding our products can be found here.