Global Pet Food Industry Partner.

We are not just a supplier, but a long-term business partner offering global access to animal raw materials, ingredients and value-added solutions supported by efficient and quality-assuring business processes.

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What We Do

Meeting the preferences of dogs and cats is the key to making a successful pet food product. Ever since our business was founded in 1969, we have continuously developed innovative solutions that enable the pet food industry to meet these needs. Through ingenuity, curiosity, and ongoing feedback from our partners, we deliver complete product and service solutions tailored to the individual business.

Dry Pet Food Ingredients

  • Palatability enhancers designed to meet the special preferences of dogs and cats.
  • Processed Animal Proteins (PAPs) that add a high protein content to dry pet food.
  • Fresh meat slurries made from high-quality animal raw materials.
  • Fats that provide the energy needed in a healthy pet diet.

Wet Pet Food Ingredients

  • Whole animal raw materials such as livers, kidneys, hearts, etc.
  • Meat blends made from single or multiple animal species.
  • Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM) made from pork, poultry, and sheep.

Pet Snacks

  • Air-dried natural snacks for dogs and cats made from fish, beef, pork, poultry, sheep, venison, etc.
  • No artificial additives. Only real ingredients traceable to their origin.

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How We Add Value

We provide complete solutions tailored to your business. Regardless of your geographical location, we provide access to animal raw materials and ingredients that can be traced to their origin and deliver them on a schedule that suits you. In addition, we support your labeling claims and much, much more.

Reducing Complexity and Ensuring Traceability 

Obtaining the right raw materials at the right time and at the same time ensuring traceability is a complex and time-consuming process. From millions of farms with many different animals, thousands of slaughterhouses and fisheries, hundreds of suppliers to BHJ – we reduce complexity for your business while ensuring full traceability in the supply chain.

Providing Global Access to Animal Raw Materials and Ingredients

We have built an extensive network of suppliers that allows us to source raw materials from many different animals in all regions of the world. Based on our network, we can supply your business with any raw material that you need in large or flexible quantities, including specialty raw materials.

Supporting Your Labeling Claims

Whether your product needs to be organic, free-range, natural, made from certain animals, etc., we help you develop certified raw material streams that support your labeling claims, allowing you to take advantage of new and existing market trends.

Are you interested in knowing more about our complete product and service solutions? Send us an e-mail today.

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