Since the beginning DOKAS  has been passionate about improving the lives of dogs and cats, and try our best to develop premium snacks that both pets and their owners will love.

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Dokas Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

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Favourite snacks for favourite pets!

Since 2006, the first day, DOKAS lives their passion for dogs and cats and does everything to develop premium snacks that animals and their owners love.

The world of DOKAS is colorful, as colorful as life with dogs and cats. For customers, this means a growing range with diverse products, the perfect snack for all situations, whether as a reward, for play and training or as an intensive chewing experience for employment. The snack specialist knows how to include even current trends in the development of its snacks. However, they always follow the maxim:

Only high-quality products improve the life quality of the animals and contribute to their well-being.

Quality has priority in the realization of the products! A voluntary test program ensures consistent quality, which DOKAS can even visibly show on the packaging in the form of a print from SGS Institut Fresenius. The independent laboratory, known for its high level of expertise in food testing, checks the nutritional values of the DOKAS snacks at fixed intervals. In addition, all DOKAS production facilities undergo unannounced supplier audits twice a year.

DOKAS stands for the joy in the relationship between humans and animals and wants to contribute to a healthy and vital life with its products. This also includes respectful cooperation: with other living beings and with the environment in which we live. A real value!

In the pet food field, the snack specialist was the first company to receive the award “Good Rabbit    Commendation” award for animal welfare and sustainable production processes.

The fish products used, also come from sustainable fishing and are labeled with the MSC seal.

True to the motto “The beginning is half the whole”, they are proud to become a little better every day. Dokas is still far from achieving its goal. But they are on the way there! Customers and retailers also benefit from the added value. It is not surprising that the products are now enjoying international popularity.

Product highlight
Salmon-Smoothie 120 ml
Joy for every cat! The creamy, vital Smoothie with salmon fillet, rounded up with blueberries, celery and seaweed. As a low-calorie reward or as a topping for the main food. Packed in individual sachets for always fresh enjoyment. The salmon comes from sustainable fisheries and is of course MSC certified.
Dried rabbit ears 180 g
Your prey! The unique and natural snack enjoyment for your four-legged friend! Our rabbit ears with fur are pure chewing fun and an authentic feeding experience for that special snack moment. Also a species-appropriate BARF snack.