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Your pet our passion, your products our priority since 2006.

Farm Company combines Italian design and quality to provide a wide range of fashionable accessories for dogs and cats. Beauty and hygiene products, collars, leashes, clothes, snacks, toys, beds, feeding bowls and much more. Style and practicality live together to provide a fresh and dynamic approach to the industry of pet accessories. Also discover Farm Company Green collection and our Green Corner project.

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Farm Company Srl

Our story


Farm Company was founded in 2006 by its four business partners Mauro Patrucco, Silvio Cerruti, Silvia De Bianchi and Federica Gabasio. Following several years of sales growth, an increased number of stocked references and the opening of new markets, Farm Company moved to its new premises in 2010. The current warehouse and offices of over 3.500 sqm also include a showroom, where customers and agents can get a preview of all new collections on which the company concentrates its investments.

Today, Farm Company’s team includes twelve employees and more than twenty sales agents over the entire Italian territory, offering thorough customer service and great attention to new trends, thus providing a constantly updated catalogue and product range.


The efforts carried out throughout all these years have shaped an internationally oriented business, which is furthermore growing following Farm Company’s participation to the main international pet shows. Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Malta were the first countries where the company successfully started to operate, thanks to its valuable local partners. Further cooperations have been activated with other European and extra-European countries, including South Korea and Chile. Finding reliable long-term partners, ready to embrace the same business philosophy and working together to grow Farm Company’s brand is today’s biggest challenge, a focused effort to bring Farm Company’s successful mix also outside Italian borders.


We believe pets play a central role in every human being’s life Our goal is to help rediscover the magic behind the special relationship between pets and their owners, by developing products that promote a virtuous and long-lasting complicity between pets, human beings and the environment. The team at Farm Company tackles its job with a 100% lively Italian passion, valuing above all love for animals and the close relationship between man and pet. A life shared with our animal friends inspire the many new references that every year enrich Farm Company’s product assortment. Another strong point in Farm Company’s philosophy is the promotion of an increasingly natural and green approach to the pet sector. The company is in fact constantly developing and distributing sustainable and eco-friendly products for our dogs and cats, while working together with their marketing team to make sure that the concepts of eco-sustainability and natural lines are conveyed easily and immediately to both shop owners and end consumers.


Innovative: a continuous work of products research and development.

Aesthetical: attentive care in the selection of products, in their presentation and in the message we wish to communicate to our customers.

Fashion-oriented: a constant and careful look at fashion and market trends.

Captivating: conveys emotion to the experience between the brand and its consumers, developing a long lasting relationship.

Approachable: excellent price-quality ratio on all our assortment.


A wide assortment divided into 8 different product categories:

  • Farm & Life: collars, leashes, harnesses and any accessory that can help to live outdoor experiences with our dogs and cats.
  • Farm & Circus: dog and cat toys.
  • Farm & Snack: from natural snacks to rawhide bones and biscuits.
  • Farm & Dinner: Stainless steel bowls, plastic bowls, dispensers and place mats.
  • Farm & Beauty: hygiene and cosmetics products, puppy pads, cleansing wipes, combs and brushes, beauty accessories and professional grooming.
  • Farm & Comfort: indoor and outdoor dog houses, cushions and sofa beds.
  • Farm & Travel: Plastic carriers, foldable cages and carrier bags.
  • Metropolitan: pet clothing collections.


As a representation of our different products belonging to different worlds, Farm Company has designed different brands and trademarks, each of them conveying specific and unique values and emotions. In particular, Farm Company Green project is born with the aim of offering to shop owners, and consequently to end consumers, the opportunity of a green and eco-conscious purchase also in the pet industry, from toys to snacks, from cosmetics to natural cat litter. Paying special attention to the planet that hosts us and our four-legged friends is fundamental for the well-being of every living creature.

New Green Toys collection

More than 30 new toys are now available to enrich Farm Company range. From leather toys, padded with sustainable coconut fibres, to jute knotted ropes perfect for dental cleaning, to natural uncoloured rubber toys in various shapes and sizes. In addition, we present also Recycled Wool dog toys, produced by reusing processing waste from the textile industry of our Biellese territory. Dogs of any breed, age and temper will enjoy hours of fun while playing with natural, safe and environmentally friendly materials.

New Green toys collection

Compostable poo bags

Farm Company offers three new references of poo bags: Compostable bags in vegetable fibre, in a pack of 4 rolls x 15 bags and in a counter display of 50 pieces for the sale of a single roll, and the bag dispenser, with the shape of a bone, made of straw fibre, supplied with a roll of 15 compostable bags.

Compostable poo bags

Eco-friendly Soybean collars and leashes

An innovative range of sustainable collars and leashes made from soybean fibres is the new launch in Farm Company Green selection of eco-friendly products.

Processed with cotton to increase strength, it ensures a cashmere-like soft touch, gentle on our pet’s coat and environmentally friendly.

High-quality bronze metal details and 5 different color shades recalling 5 earth colours: olive green, taupe, burgundy, pumpkin and navy blue.

Soybean collars and leashes

New Cleansing Wipes

Farm Company launches 3 new references of cleansing wipes with Organic Oils and Extracts, adding to the 3 best-selling references already in stock:

- Organic Apricot Oil and Papaya scent, with revitalizing and soothing properties

- Organic Orange Extract and Orchid scent, with antioxidizing properties

- Organic Jojoba Oil and Mallow scent, with hydrating and softening properties

The 6 references are made in Italy, available in 40 pcs resealable packs and offered to pet shops with a colourful floor display stand.

Farm Company Cleansing Wipes

LA TOILET cat litter

La TOILET: The practical, effective, and eco-friendly plant-based litter! It is practical because it is light, easy to dispose of and risk free. Effective: highly absorbent, good forms solid clumps and neutralizes smell. Eco-friendly: it reduces the CO2 in the atmosphere, low environmental impact production cycle.  An innovative and 100% Made in Italy product!

La Toilet cat litter

Herbae Vivae shampoos

Our new organic Herbae Vivae shampoo line, totally Made in Italy, leads us to talk about a pure and vital nature. Pomegranate and Oat, Apricot and Royal Jelly, Sesame and Echinacea, Rosa Mosqueta and Lemon are the active ingredients that take care of the coats of our pets. Four products designed for the needs of puppies and adults with long or short hair but also for those breeds with delicate skin that requires a balancing, protective and repellent action. A completely natural line, without silicones and parabens, petrolatum, artificial colours, and perfumes with allergens, respecting not only the well-being of our dogs but also of the planet that hosts us.

Herbae Vivae shampoos

Nylon Deluxe collection

Nylon Deluxe is Farm Company’s collection dedicated to pet walks in total safety and comfort.

Collars come in 4 sizes and are provided with soft, protective and breathable neoprene padding.

The leash has 2 padded handles: one classic handle and one adjustable short holder. The innovative Secur Fit harness has 3 connecting points: a back connection for classic walking, a front chest connection for Easy-Walk training and a semi-choke neck connection for training and anti escape system.

Nylon Deluxe

New Toys, New Packaging!

We present a new packaging dedicated to our toys range, completely renewed in colours and contentsLatex, Natural Rubber, Foam TPR, Polarfleece and Plush Toys are part of our new dog toys.

Unique and recognizable shelf graphics, different eye-catching colours for each category, explanatory icons that highlight the main features of the various products and stamps to highlight the measures and materials used.

New Toys, new Packaging!