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For Petfood Perfection: The K+G Wetter grinders, mixer grinders and cutters, coming from meat processing crafts and industry.
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K+G Wetter grinders, mixer grinders and cutters have the right twist for perfect petfood – in terms of quality and hygiene, versatility and efficiency. Made in Germany, these high-quality machines deliver outstanding product results.

“We are always open to our customers’ requirements, consider all the important issues in meat processing and use them to develop ingenious grinder and cutter technology that also works perfectly for pet food applications”, says Volker Schlosser, Sales Manager International at K+G Wetter.

Accordingly, with these machines everything runs smoothly in the growing global animal feed market – more and more producers are relying on grinders and bowl cutters from K+G Wetter, both smaller producers and large industrial customers.

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For nearly 35 years, K+G Wetter produces high-performance machines for meat processing. Started as a specialist in manual machinery, we have also developed into a supplier for industrial applications.

We understand your day-to-day needs, so our aim is to produce machines that make your job easier and more enjoyable. With a mix of tradition and progress, we adapt our machine solutions to keep up with the times. At the same time, we set new standards in meat processing and maintain the proven performance our customers have come to rely on.

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