NORMANDISE Pet Food is specialized in the manufacture (private label & A brands) of dogs and cats wet foods. 

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NORMANDISE Pet Food manufactures products made from raw meat and fish, supplied in Europe (90% from France and 60% fresh), following drastically – from slaughter to packaging – hygiene & traceability regulations. Our company offers more than 500 recipes, with precise and meticulous specifications, from the simplest to the most complex, in multiple formats.



NORMANDISE Pet Food award winning products are shipped out to more than 70 countries & thousands of stores.

The company is licensed to export to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The Vire plant covers 36,000 sq.m.

Actions as far as sustainability is concerned

Above all, as a responsible corporate citizen, Normandise Petfood is exemplary in every respect and is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Our 5 Core Values

  • Performance: Through their energy and commitment on a daily basis, our teams contribute to business success
  • Dynamism  : Dare to innovate, listen to our ideas and desires of the market
  • Savoir Faire : A high society concerned technicality of its teams and respectful of the animal.
  • Cohesion: We work as a team in a spirit of mutual aid and objectives common
  • Serenity: A company family offering security, listening and opportunities professional.


  • Wet dogs & cats pet foods
  • Own label
  • Europe, China & Asia, South and central America
  • Single serve packs (pouches, alutrays)

Les Repas Plaisir

The love between an owner and their pet is a unique bond that adds colour to our daily life. The purring of your cat, curled up in your arms, your overjoyed dog welcoming you home. Our furry friends return all the attention we show them: love grows when it is shared!


With Les Repas Plaisir, we want to infuse that loving feeling into our recipes. Because eating should be a pleasure, we take great care to prepare delicious, complete recipes offering a wide range of textures and flavours to tickle your pet’s taste buds. Formulated in the heart of Normandy using quality ingredients, our recipes are developed with veterinarians in order to guarantee a balanced diet to meet our four-legged friends’ needs and preferences. We know that a happy, well-fed pet will shower you with love and affection!

That’s why choosing Les Repas Plaisir means taking care of your furry companion.


First brand dedicated to cats and dogs well-being. All our recipes are prepared in France using fresh and natural ingredients adapted to the metabolism of our four-legged friends.


Developed with veterinarians and animal nutrition experts, our high nutritional quality formulations offer a high content of animal protein. They promote optimal digestibility and good kidney function, to keep animals healthy at every stage of their life.

Respect the nature of our companion pets

One two three, Our commitments To fill our companion pets with ease and satisfy their caring owners, we have established a charter of commitment where well-being stands with “producing well” and “well preserving”.

DIÉTÉTIQUE Food, source of well-being. We develop balanced recipes, using fresh and natural ingredients adapted to the metabolism of cats and dogs.Rich in animal protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, our formulations promote optimal digestibility and good kidney function for healthy dogs and cats.

ÉTHIQUE Well-being, it’s also doing well. We produce the majority of our products in the heart of Normandy, land of breeding and cultivation. We favor short and local supplies and control the cold chain to guarantee the freshness and quality of our ingredients.

ÉCOLOGIQUE Well-being, to respect the planet. We favor an approach about pet food to be more respectful of the Earth, people and dogs and cats. Citizen and responsible, our company has implemented a responsible supply charter and is committed to an ambitious CSR approach.

Product highlight
Alutray for cats
A better adapted ration: the cat is a small eater, which has a natural tendency to eat many small meals during the day.
Mousse in Alutrays
The owner can change the meals of his cat, without rushing his digestive system in order to maintain maximum comfort and palatability.
Fillets for dogs
A product closely resembling meat’s cosmetic and natural texture. A very suitable quality product, for sensitive dogs, with identified atopic terrain or with allergies. All ages, all breeds, all sizes of dogs and sterilized dogs.