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Global partner for the specialized trade of natural premium cat litter made in Germany.
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pet-earth GmbH

Our story

pet-earth GmbH was founded in 2003. In the early days, the company sold imported prepackaged litter, but it soon began manufacturing operations in Germany. It uses only naturally sourced raw materials for all its GOLDEN products.

The company has since made a name for itself – both at home and internationally – for focusing on the production of high-quality cat litter. After more than 20 years, the GOLDEN brand has become one of the most popular premium cat litters on the European market, trusted and preferred by many pet owners, cat breeders and veterinarians.

Although already present in many countries, pet-earth continues to expand its horizons as it ventures into new markets and engages with the next generation of pet parents. Over the years, the original bentonite-based GOLDEN GREY brand has been joined by the products GOLDEN GREY Master, GOLDEN Odour and GOLDEN White. The line has also been extended with GOLDEN Pine, made from renewable resources consisting of 100% pure plant fibers.

This year, pet-earth is planning to launch another line of eco-friendly cat litter. This new range will feature innovative, environmentally friendly ingredients that are biodegradable and designed to minimize ecological impact. In addition to the product introductions, the company is currently working on a branding update. That will include a completely new corporate identity, website and logo.

Apart from the premium quality of its products, pet-earth also strives to be the right business partner for its customers, providing extensive services. Throughout the manufacturing chain, the latest technology and staff expertise combine to guarantee a smooth workflow – from raw material processing to product delivery. Meeting all individual requirements and customer wishes, with private labels or packaging sizes for example, is all part of the pet-earth service.

In October 2023, Jesper Bach Sørensen took on the role of CEO at pet-earth. Bringing a wealth of experience from both the pet industry and international trade, Sørensen is poised to enhance the visibility of the GOLDEN brand and extend its market reach through new distribution channels. His expertise in retail and strategic vision are anticipated to drive the successful implementation of the company’s ambitious projects.

Under Sørensen’s leadership, pet-earth aims to strengthen its position in the market, attracting more buyers without compromising the loyalty of its established customer base.