Just like you, we appreciate the magical moments that our furry friends share with us every day. That's why we founded Puromenu 10 years ago, to provide them in return with a long, healthy, and happy life thanks to species appropriate food, their real food, guided by science, and made with love by us in our own facilities.
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Real food: Not heated or processed, just like in their natural habitat, to maintain maximum nutritional value. Also available in cooked version.

100% natural: Nothing nasty, no synthetic vitamins and minerals either.

Premium ingredients: Nutritious muscle meat as main ingredient, combined with fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. No grains or other fillers.

Natural probiotics: We are the first to include plant ferments as a natural source of probiotics. 

Formulated by experts: Veterinary nutritionists according to NRC standards.

Made by us with love: In our own facility and for more than 10 years.

Product highlight
Complete Food for Dogs 'Llenarme de Vida'
Their licks whisk us away from any worry and fill us anew with life. This complete raw food is born as a tribute to these moments. It contains 80% beef and chicken, complemented with fermented carrot, broccoli, pear, and sunflower seeds.
Complete Food for Dogs 'Enseñarme a Volar'
Running free in the countryside, our dogs show us to live in the moment and feel free, as if we were flying. This complete raw food has been created to say thank you for these special instances. It contains 80% turkey and cod, with fermented carrot, endive, and apricots.
Complete Food for Cats "Lluvia de Miaus"
The caregivers will experience a shower of meows when serving this complete and raw food to their kitty. This delight is composed of 95% turkey with tuna, complemented by fermented carrot, coconut, and rosehip peel.