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Cat health: The role of the gut microbiome and postbiotic metabolites

What is the role of gut microbiome in pet health and why are postbiotics becoming go-to innovation tools for delivering the health benefits pet parents demand from modern pet diets?


2024 Pet Insights Report: Discover the top trends shaping pet nutrition this year

ADM’s latest Pet Insights Report: This comprehensive report is your key to understanding the dynamic shifts and growth opportunities in the pet nutrition industry.


Omega-3 and Pet Food: How to increase nutritional benefits with a low carbon pawprint

Discover why Omega-3 is the top choice ingredient for 70% of American and European pet owners, its vital role in pet health, and why algae-based omega-3s are the most sustainable.


Omega-3 and Pet Food: Why pet owners care and you should too

Discover consumer attitudes around Omega-3 in pet food, why pet food manufacturers should care and the best source of this ingredient.


Dog nutrition survey results

Discover buying preferences, feeding behaviors, treating habits and more in this 33-page survey report.


Mythbusting: What you don’t know about anti-anxiety ingredients

Discover the truth about the four most commonly used anti-anxiety ingredients and the products in which they are used.


Pet food ingredients: What do pet owners actually prefer?

Download these survey results and discover pet owners' preferences around ingredients.


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