Pets & Money

This is your chance to – 

  • Understand how changing trends in the pet industry such as the rise of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer selling should shape your M&A decisions and business’ growth strategy.
  • Determine what strategic buyers and financial buyers are looking for, to ensure you have the competitive edge over other pet brands looking for investment or acquisition.
  • Discover and personally connect with the hottest pet brands, ripe for investment and acquisition to enhance your M&A pipeline.
  • Establish an optimal strategy for growth, reoccurring revenue and omnichannel distribution, from the lessons of industry leaders and the perspective of established pet retailers.
  • Meet with your pet industry networking wish list, through our private meeting scheduler application, to find your next business opportunity.

“If you’re a young company, networking is your lifeblood, it’s everything. It’s your next source of capital, it’s your next retailer, it’s your next creative developer, so I think this is a great forum specifically for that purpose.” – Andrew Shore, Managing Director, Moelis & Company | Consumer & Money Summit Series Attendee


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