The 10th Beijing International Pet Products Exhibition

In 2023 , there will be new exhibition areas such as cross-border e-commerce, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, and pet cultural and creative markets. At the same time, the 3rd China Pet Industry Development Conference ( PIDC) , new pet incubation camp, and world pet medical academic forum will be held. 

Combined with the new model of pet industry development, the exhibition will carry out a series of forums and meetings to conduct in-depth analysis of the current situation and development of the pet industry. There will be pet industry forums, pet industry e-commerce conferences, new product launch events and other exciting activities to enrich your visiting experience, promote the interaction between you and exhibitors, and is the best time for you to learn about new products, meet people, and join brands !Increase of store turnover, design and implementation of store sales performance, methods and secrets to improve gross profit rate, and brand influence promotion.


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