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Bacterfield was established in September 2006 to create a probiotic pet food. Since 2009 Bacterfield has worked with numerous international specialists to create a line of natural functional pet food. ProBiotic LIVE for dogs and ProBiotic LIVE for cats, a totally innovative category in the pet food business. Is the first natural functional super premium food for dogs and cats in Europe, that contains probiotic bacteria to restore and maintain normal gut functions. With LIVE your dog or cat is healthy to the last cell!  

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About us

At Bacterfield, we believe healthy and happy begins on the inside. When you nourish what’s on the inside, you start to see those benefits on the outside. That is why we believe in a nutrition-first approach to your pets’ total wellbeing.

We believe that pets are family members and that you want to show your uncompromising love and care by providing only the best possible pet food. Based on this belief we have created a range of the best dog and cat foods containing pre-and probiotics, without artificial colouring or flavouring and based only on high-quality natural ingredients.

We consider ourselves to be amongst the experts in natural probiotic pet foods. We feel it is our responsibility to move the pet food industry towards a healthier and more transparent approach. It is all about providing you with a brand you can trust and be inspired by.

While at the same time providing pets with the healthiest possible food.

We welcome you at Bacterfield – watch our video:

Simple concept with major effect

We believe that pets are seen as family members and that pet owners want to show their uncompromising love and care by providing only the best possible pet food. Based on this belief we have created ProBiotic LIVE, which is a range of dog and cat foods containing gut flora stabilisers, without artificial colouring, gliadin or flavouring and based only on high-quality natural ingredients.

ProBiotic LIVE is a safe and simple choice, compared to other brands on the pet food market. This complete feed contains the same basis of unique features in all variants, only adjusted to cats, kittens, puppies, small dogs, senior dogs, and large dogs – all based on evidential benefits for each species, size, and age. Therefore, we are not trying to target certain issues of aspects of life as we want to keep it simple and versatile.

No matter the challenge, which the owner faces with the pet, ProBiotic LIVE is a thoroughly tested, versatile and Super Premium pet food, which supports a healthy digestion, the immune system, skin, coat, and the overall wellbeing of the pet. This makes it a worldwide go-to pet food for all cats and dogs.

World wide distributors

ProBiotic LIVE for dogs and cats are sold in numerous premium veterinary clinics, pet shops and department stores world wide. We constantly seek to enhance our distribution to ensure that even more pets around the world get the opportunity to have a Super Premium functional pet food and thereby enhance their quality of life. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

High amount of gut flora stabilisers (probiotics)

Unique formula for unique pets”… that is Bacterfield’s motto. The high concentration of the living ‘4b1707, Enterococcus Faecium NCIMB 10415’ is the key to that motto.

In 2022, ProBiotic LIVE Dog Adult Chicken was the test diet in a study at the University of Copenhagen. With this feed, containing the gut flora stabilizer (probiotic) Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 (4b1707), the researchers analyzed the microbial diversity and changes in relative abundance of some specific microbes, in which they found that E. faecium has a positive effect on the microbiome, it contributes to mildly improved faecal quality, and it has a mild cholesterol lowering effect.

The production proces is patented by Bacterfield, which makes it unique as it makes the bacteria viable from production to consumption.

Super Premium standards

Not only does Bacterfield comply with standards and regulation within pet food, Bacterfield also comply with the standards of Super Premium, which not only concerns numbers and standard needs, but also quality standards.

The first aspect to look at is the meat source – is it pure meat or is it a by-product? In ProBiotic LIVE, the protein source is pure meat, which is of the highest quality, and that contains a high quality of amino acids. Moreover, the protein is hydrolyzed.

The second aspect is carbohydrates. Here, one are to avoid cereal products, according to the Super Premium standards. In ProBiotic LIVE, the only carbohydrates are corn and rise, of which the latter is a great source of fiber. This also makes ProBiotic LIVE gliadin free.

The third aspect is fatty acids, which preferably should be animal fat, and therefore Bacterfield uses salmon oil. The pellets are coated in this, both to preserve the gut flora stabiliser within the pellets, but also to improve palatability, being the fourth aspect of the Super Premium standards. Exclusive mixes of oils and fats provide an important advantage in palatability.

The fifth aspect is digestibility, which must be >85% to be Super Premium. Because ProBiotic LIVE contains gut flora stabilisers, the digestive functions are well fed with helpful bacteria to optimize it.

The sixth aspect is the daily ration, which according to the standards of Super Premium should be small. In ProBiotic LIVE, the daily ration is quite small as the utilization rate is very high.


At Bacterfield, we want to reduce to CO2 paw print. Therefore, we have made several decisions in order to take care of our planet while feeding dogs and cats with a Super Premium functional pet food.

Among other things, we have made the following initiatives:

  • Recyclable bags with the ‘4 LPDE’-mark and The Green Dot/Der Grüner Punkt
  • The pet food is produced in Europe
  • Sustainable suppliers
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • We focus on UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
Product highlight
ProBiotic LIVE CAT Adult Chicken
Functional feed for cats, containing gut flora stabilisers at a high level.
ProBiotic LIVE CAT Neutered
Perfect feed for the neutered cat, containing less fat and calories.
ProBiotic LIVE Dog Adult Salmon
Super Premium dog food with gut flora stabilisers.
ProBiotic LIVE Dog Adult Mini Breed Turkey
Perfect feed, specifically developed forsmall breed.
ProBiotic LIVE Puppy
Functional feed for puppies, specifically developed for puppies growing up.
ProBiotic LIVE Kitten
Super Premium cat food for kittens growing up.