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Europe’s leading producer of sustainable plant-based ingredients for the pet food industry.          

All our ingredients are based on plant-based co-products, directly sourced from the food industry. In our own factory in the Netherlands co-products are processed using residual heat from a nearby bio-energy plant. Therefore our ingredients have a significantly lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives.

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Potato ingredients are the most important source of plant-based ingredients for pet food. All ingredients are derived from such processes as manufacture of French fries, crisps, potato flakes and potato starch. Potato is GMO free and does not contain gluten, making it suitable for grain-free diets.

Carrots are a very important plant-based ingredient to use in pet food, providing vitamins, minerals and fibre. Carrots are a healthy and natural ingredient for pet food.

Chicory ingredients for use in pet food are based on co-products from Inulin production. Co-products from the chicory root contain Inulin and fibres and have many health benefits.

Beet fibre is a co-product from sugar production. It is a high quality, fibre rich ingredient with a constant composition.


Duynie Ingredients is contributing to sustainable pet food by reducing its environmental impact. We do this by maximizing the use of co-products and minimizing waste, resulting in pet food ingredients with a lower carbon footprint.

Working with us will reduce the environmental impact of your business, as shown by Life Cycle Assessments that analyze the environmental impact of our major ingredients. The LCA helps to maximize the potential benefits of co-products and shows how to use them in addressing sustainability challenges, while meeting supplier and customer environmental ambitions.

Duynie Ingredients contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): SDG12, SDG13, SDG2, SDG8.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) has awarded Duynie Ingredients for 2022 as top accredited company that scores best to reduce environmental impact for the pet industry.

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Duynie Group

Duynie Ingredients is part of Duynie Group: Europe’s largest company active in the valorization of co-products released in the production and processing of food, beverages and bio-fuel products. By processing co-products into new products, services and applications, Duynie Group creates added value for suppliers, customers and the environment. Duynie Group is part of the agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun.