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ZOLUX is a family group based in France, which operates on the pet market with passion and dynamism. With over 80 years of experience, teams animated by the love of their profession and a constant need for innovation, ZOLUX is a key player in the pet market. Multi-specialist designer, manufacturer and distributor, ZOLUX puts special care into offering essential products for all pet families: dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles and aquarium. The group distributes its products in more than 50 countries.

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Since 1933, a family has been investing in the pet products business. 80 years later ZOLUX Group is still a family-focused group, based in France, that works in the pet products business with passion and dynamism. Zolux, Francodex Santé Animale and Mastery products are available in all branded stores and specialty stores. You will find Saint Bernard products on the pet shelves in hypermarkets. Innovation, quality, know-how and strong values make our company a key partner to pet products distributors in Europe. Five key values ​​support us every day: Focus on the Customer / Respect / Honesty / Sustainable Development / Respect for the Well-Being of the Animal Watch our ZOLUX corporate video:

Facts & Figures

Zolux creator: research and development With our design office made up of 15 people based in Saintes, France (product managers, designers, development managers), we are able to offer a catalogue of some 5000 products, and 600 new items each year! Our teams analyse the needs of the animals and the expectations of the owners, in order to develop the best products for your pet. Our products are tested before launch to ensure that quality is optimal. We produce, for example, numerous consumable products, and hygiene and care products meant for all types of pets. Our team also counts veterinarians and pharmacists. Zolux manufacturer 74% of our products are made in Europe, including in France in our own factories or in those of our exclusive partners. Our factory in the north of France manufactures food and care products dedicated to all pet families. We also operate one manufacturing site abroad for textile (comfort bedding) and harness products. Zolux distributor Zolux has 7 distribution platforms across Europe, i.e. 55.000 sqm of stocks. This represents 150,000 pallets shipped per year. Zolux has subsidiaries in Poland and Italy and a sales presence in over 50 countries. And 390 people in Europe to serve your pet! Click on the link to visit our virtual showroom and see our new products and main product ranges: Showroom’s visit


The Group distributes its products under the ZOLUX, Laboratoire Francodex, Biodene, Mastery, Saint-Bernard and HOPI brands through its own subsidiaries in France, Poland, Italy, and through partners in more than 50 other countries.


In 2021, ZOLUX was rewarded by the « Trophées Animal Challenge » and won again the title of Supplier of the Year ! The « Trophées Animal Challenge » jury is made of professionals (pet shop, garden center, DIY store and supermarket buyers) who reward every year the best suppliers of the Pet market in France.

1% For Animals Label

For its launch, the 1% For Animals label has selected the ZOLUX Group as its ‘Founder Group’. With ZOLUX, the YouCare Association is able to embark on this major project that will, over time, bring together many committed companies. The mission of 1% For Animals is to save animal lives and protect biodiversity all over the world. To achieve this aim, the Label will call upon committed companies to fund practical actions in the field. On our planet, a species becomes extinct every 20 minutes. Each year, almost 15 million hectares of forest disappear. In France, several hundred domestic animals are put to sleep every day. In view of these figures, the YouCare Association decided to set up an ambitious project to tackle this challenge. The 4 main missions of 1% For Animals are explained on the Label’s website: https://onepercentforanimals.org/