Vafo Praha s.r.o.

European leading premium pet food producer of dry pet food, wet pet food, and treats.     

Our brands Brit, Carnilove, HauHau, PrimaDog, PrimaCat, Profine, Sams Field, Canvit are sold in 60 countries worldwide. We offer production of private labels as well.

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Vafo Praha s.r.o.

Our story

About us

  • Brit – VAFO PRAHA s.r.o. is a privately-owned family company
  • Production, Distribution, and Development of premium & super premium Pet Food
  • Established in June 1994 – 25 years tradition & experience
  • Export to over 60 countries worldwide
  • Company brands: Brit, Carnilove, HauHau, PrimaDog, PrimaCat, Profine, Sam´s Field, Canvit
  • Private label production

Our philosophy

  • We respect the health and welfare of our pet customers
  • We refuse testing on laboratory animals
  • We are strictly against any cruelty towards animals and we reject all animal abuse
  • We are not using any ingredients that may have negative impact on pet´s health

Quality managment

  • Pet´s health is our policy and principle
  • No use of soy, risk ingredients, GMO
  • VAFO production is certified according to the ISO 9001 and HACCP quality standards
  • Certified exporter to Russia, China


  • Dry food, wet food, treats, and supplements for dog, cat, small animals


  • We take a part at international trade fairs
  • We are a proud a sponsor of international dog and cat shows
  • We support a variety of interesting canine activities – dog sports, training and sport cynology, etc.
  • We are a sponsor of the Helppes Training Center for Assistant Dogs, and Aura Canis – The Therapy Dog Organization